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NyoRussia by TeenageDreamerz
by TeenageDreamerz

Very lovely, i've always loved Fem!Russia. I really like the color of the dress and the thing in her hair is very cute, although i'm a ...


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Points for Commissions go here. Donations are not required but are much appreciated if you like my writing. :icondeyedplz:



Commission Details here: :heart: justheretocomment91.deviantart… :heart:

I am currently not working on any commissions. :I


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Ciao! I'm just a young fiction writer, i make demotivational posters and error messages since i suck at drawing.

Bad Touch Trio: France: :iconjustheretocomment91: Prussia: :iconprincessofawkward: Spain: :iconsigity: Come join the chat~…

I also role play with Hetalia, but i don't do incest or USxUK, i can role play with just about any character so if you want to role play send me a note or join me in my rp group… :icontardplz:

Icons i made: :iconsmoochmeplz: :iconprussiarapesyouplz: :iconrussianosebleedplz: :icondarkitalyplz: :iconsemeitalyplz::iconsemeromanoplz::iconsneakyfemitalyplz::iconitalyblushingplz::iconrussiagoawayplz:

I'm so awesome i made Russia become one with ME :iconrussiaohrllyplz:
:iconivanbraginskiplz: X :iconprettyromanoplz: forever
I'm yandere and kuudere, you mad? :icontrollrollplz:
My theme…
My quotes: "Am i gonna have to cut a bitch, ne?""I'm not a ninja you're just ignoring me""Do what with a bagel? ಠ3ಠ"
My nicknames are: Shady
My timeforhetalia-aphrp.deviantar…

My Favorite Icons Are:
:icongwompplz: :iconpervyrussiaplz: :iconawesomefaceplz: :iconheplz: :iconbelarusisnearplz::iconiloveitplz: :iconiwantitplz::iconchuuplz::iconcrazypinkiepieplz: :iconrussiaraveplz::iconhurrplz::iconreactionplz::iconhurpdurpplz::iconilikesoulsplz::iconraverussiaplz::iconwhatisthisplz::iconwhywouldyoudothatplz::iconsulkplz::iconiloveyouplz::iconnouplz::iconohrussiaplz: :iconunsymmetricalplz: :iconsymmetricalplz::iconenglandlookscoolplz::iconwtfenglandplz: :icongoodnarutoplz: :iconmustashplz::iconisupercameplz::iconicameplz::iconwhutplz::icondatassplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconbegplz::iconisawitplz::iconwtfboomplz::iconimhorrifiedplz: :iconkawaiifaceplz::iconeweplz::iconitsbeautifulplz::iconwalleyedplz::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconlovelyemoteplz::icondeathfaceplz::icongromp::iconikilleditplz::iconirapeitplz::iconiderpitplz::iconhumpingplz::iconnightsmirkplz::iconilickitplz::iconwthimhappyplz::iconrussiahurrplz::icongermanypfffplz::iconchinasepicfaceplz::iconpfftplz::iconhappyhappyplz::iconloveloveplz::iconitabroshumpplz::iconimsopervyplz::iconcannotevenplz::iconisaypartayplz::iconsmoochmeplz::iconultimateplz::iconimrlynotimpressedplz::iconcutederpplz::icontakuyastareplz::icongreenrosedroolplz::iconabyssstareplz::iconrosestareplz::iconcutiesmileplz::iconcuterrhplz::iconrawrblushplz::icontiktokblushplz::iconkyeplz::iconprussiarapesyouplz::iconnonuplefacepalmplz::iconimstilltwitchingplz::iconwooooplz::iconomgshakeplz::iconmikotoheadsmashplz::iconidespiseyouplz::iconimyaranaikaplz::iconfreakedplz::iconinomitplz::iconthoughtfulrussiaplz::iconrussiaisaloneplz::iconwhatdoesitmeanplz::iconshovelhitplz::icontikiti5plz::iconwthomgplz::iconhurrwalleyedplz::icondeyedplz::iconscarredforlifeplz::iconhnnghnosebleedplz::iconfriendlymushroomplz::iconwigglewigglewoohplz::iconteheeyesplz::icongasaiyunoplz::iconplaktsunplz::iconplak2plz::iconnekopunch:

My Friends: :iconcalypso-dawn::iconhadaka-kun::icontanglemask1::iconstatic-sunshine::iconmmf25::iconjeusev::icondarkvampiremoon::iconinuranmahalf::iconclassydove::iconalice39721::iconbrightclaw1::iconmissawesomegilbird::iconcadegrey: (ask if you want to be added to the list)
My Bishie~♥: :iconprincessofawkward:
My waifus and husbandos: :iconlets-get-creative: (whatever the hell that is :iconitalylolwutplz:)
Mein Bruder: :iconaskceiling-russia:
Mio Sorella: :iconshewen:
My little Schwester: :iconanimexloverxsvea:

My webcam is from
1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create
eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4) You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your
5) Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

Five things about me:
1. I am so done everyday
2. I have a fear of men
3. The only men i'm sexually attract to are fictional
4. I spend most of my time on Tumblr now.
5. I am secretly Spain eue

1. Who is your best friend?
Megan uvu

2. Do you have any major goals for the future?

3. How many toes do you have?
10 :I

4. How many fingers do you have?
10 :I

5. Name your five favorite bands.
Adsijadoasj. Mindless Self Indulgence, Korn, Pink, Nirvana, and Parov Stelar

6. What's your opinion on One Direction?
It's not my cup of tea :iconsipplz:

7. Do you prefer fantasy or reality? Why?
I like both, both have pros and cons to be honest

8. Look around you. What do you see that means a lot to you? Can you remember when you got it?
Hmmm, my teddy bear. I've had it for almost a year and i got it at build a bear workshop, i didn't have a lot of money so i decided to get a teddy bear. Her name was creamy for awhile but i renamed her Jani bear because she reminded me a lot of Janine.

9. Do you have any siblings? Tell us about them.
I have two older brothers and two older and one younger non related sisters. Both of my brothers are much older than me because they are my half brothers and they're in their twenties right now their names are Stevie and Matthew.I have a godsister named Becca who turned  eighteen recently. I have my other older sister called Aithnie who is also eighteen, we aren't blood related but she's one of the best big sisters to have. Last but not least my little sister Svea who turned fourteen a few days ago, also not blood related uvu (Wow kitty write a bio why don't you?)

10. Are you a gamer? What games do you like to play? They don't have to be video games.
I am a gamer, i love fighting games the best but i also like romance games and ero games ;3

11. If you were a flower, what do you think you would be?
Pink Campion Flower :iconrainbrowsplz:


I tag no one :iconnitalyrapefaceplz:

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nabila21 May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Justheretocomment91 May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thank ya uwu
Ve~, love your icon~!
Justheretocomment91 Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Xx-Dark-Moon-xX Oct 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fave! :)
Thank you for the fave on my story! [link] :iconiloveyouplz:
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Sure thing :3c
You've been tagged! (again) [link]
I'm on your friend list... :D

Justheretocomment91 Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes :iconshyblushplz:
Justheretocomment91 Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Of course, you're a friend of mine! :iconslowhugplz:
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PrincessOfAwkward Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey bishie, psst, hey

i now has wiggins stamp on my page

Justheretocomment91 Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Bishie pls, omg :iconwthimhappyplz:
PrincessOfAwkward Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shhh it is beautiful
Justheretocomment91 Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I am so done :iconseriousamericaplz:
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Gah, I'm trying to think of a random comment to spam your page but nothing's coming to me. XD
Rekieel Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch! :heart:
Justheretocomment91 Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sure thing!
SeaShellQueen Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the watch! :iconbrohugplz:
Justheretocomment91 Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sure thing! :iconawkwardhugplz:
SeaShellQueen Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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